Publications in peer-reviewed papers

Friedemann, A.E.R.; Andernach, L.; Jungnickel, H.; Borchmann, D.; Baltaci, D.; Laux, P.; Schulz, H.; Luch, A. (2020): Phosphine fumigation - time dependent changes in the volatile profile of table grapes. Journal of Hazardous Materials : 122480.

Contributions to edited volumes

Baltaci, D. (2020): Control effect of almond oil and black cumin seed oil mixtures towards four stored product pests. In: Trematerra, P.; Conti, B. (Hrsg.): Integrated Protection of Stored Products - Working Group of IOBC-WPRS (OILB-SROP) : Proceedings of the meeting at Pisa (Italy) ; September 3-6, 2019 (IOBC WPRS Bulletin = Bulletin OILB SROP 148), Darmstadt, 258-264.

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