Publications in peer-reviewed papers

Mihaljević, M.Ž.; Maletić, E.; Preiner, D.; Zdunić, G.; Bubola, M.; Zyprian, E.; Pejić, I. (2020): Genetic diversity, population structure, and parentage analysis of croatian grapevine germplasm. Genes 11(7): 1-35.

Müllner, S.; Röckel, F.; Maul, E.; Zyprian, E. (2020): 'Kunbarat' and 'Kunleany' – full not half-siblings. Vitis 59(2): 91-92.

Richter, R.; Rossmann, S.; Gabriel, D.; Töpfer, R.; Theres, K.; Zyprian, E. (2020): Differential expression of transcription factor- and further growth-related genes correlates with contrasting cluster architecture in Vitis vinifera 'Pinot Noir' and Vitis spp. genotypes. Theoretical and Applied Genetics .

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