Publications in peer-reviewed papers

De Lajudie, P.M.; Andrews, M.; Ardley, J.; Eardly, B.; Jumas-Bilak, E.; Kuzmanović, N.; Lassalle, F.; Lindström, K.; Mhamdi, R.; Martínez-Romero, E.; Moulin, L.; Mousavi, S.A.; Nesme, X.; Peix, A.; Puławska, J.; Steenkamp, E.; Stępkowski, T.; Tian, C.-F.; Vinuesa, P.; Wei, G.; Willems, A.; Zilli, J.; Young, P. (2019): Minimal standards for the description of new genera and species of rhizobia and agrobacteria. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 69(7): 1852-1863.

Kuzmanović, N.; Behrens, P.; Idczak, E.; Wagner, S.; Götz, M.; Spröer, C.; Bunk, B.; Overmann, J.; Smalla, K. (2019): A Novel Group of Rhizobium tumorigenes-Like Agrobacteria Associated with Crown Gall Disease of Rhododendron and Blueberry. Phytopathology 109(11): 1840-1848.

Kuzmanović, N.; Puławska, J. (2019): Evolutionary Relatedness and Classification of Tumor-Inducing and Opine-Catabolic Plasmids in Three Rhizobium rhizogenes Strains Isolated from the Same Crown Gall Tumor. Genome biology and evolution 11(6): 1525-1540.

Zlatković, N.; Prokić, A.; Gašić, K.; Kuzmanović, N.; Ivanović, M.; Obradović, A. (2019): First Report of Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. brasiliense Causing Soft Rot on Squash and Watermelon in Serbia. Plant Disease 103(10): 2667.

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