Publications in peer-reviewed papers

Allegrini, M.; Gomez, E. del V.; Smalla, K.; Zabaloy, M.C. (2019): Suppression treatment differentially influences the microbial community and the occurrence of broad host range plasmids in the rhizosphere of the model cover crop Avena sativa L.. PLOS ONE 14(10): e0223600.

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Chowdhury, S.P.; Babin, D.; Sandmann, M.; Jacquiod, S.; Sommermann, L.; Sørensen, S.J.; Fliessbach, A.; Mäder, P.; Geistlinger, J.; Smalla, K.; Rothballer, M.; Grosch, R. (2019): Effect of long‐term organic and mineral fertilization strategies on rhizosphere microbiota assemblage and performance of lettuce. Environmental Microbiology 10: 725.

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González-Plaza, J.J.; Blau, K.; Milaković, M.; Jurina, T.; Smalla, K.; Udiković-Kolić, N. (2019): Antibiotic-manufacturing sites are hot-spots for the release and spread of antibiotic resistance genes and mobile genetic elements in receiving aquatic environments. Environment international 130: Art.-No.: 104735.

Jechalke, S.; Schierstaedt, J.; Becker, M.; Flemer, B.; Grosch, R.; Smalla, K.; Schikora, A. (2019): Salmonella Establishment in Agricultural Soil and Colonization of Crop Plants Depend on Soil Type and Plant Species. Frontiers in microbiology 10: 967.

Kuzmanović, N.; Behrens, P.; Idczak, E.; Wagner, S.; Götz, M.; Spröer, C.; Bunk, B.; Overmann, J.; Smalla, K. (2019): A Novel Group of Rhizobium tumorigenes-Like Agrobacteria Associated with Crown Gall Disease of Rhododendron and Blueberry. Phytopathology 109(11): 1840-1848.

Milaković, M.; Vestergaard, G.; González-Plaza, J.J.; Petrić, I.; Šimatović, A.; Senta, I.; Kublik, S.; Schloter, M.; Smalla, K.; Udiković-Kolić, N. (2019): Pollution from azithromycin-manufacturing promotes macrolide-resistance gene propagation and induces spatial and seasonal bacterial community shifts in receiving river sediments. Environment International : 501-511.

Szoboszlay, M.; Näther, A.; Liu, B.; Carrillo, A.; Castellanos, T.; Smalla, K.; Jia, Z.; Tebbe, C. (2019): Contrasting microbial community responses to salinization and straw amendment in a semiarid bare soil and its wheat rhizosphere. Scientific reports 9: Art.-No. 9795.

Winkelmann, T.; Smalla, K.; Amelung, W.; Baab, G.; Grunewaldt-Stöcker, G.; Kanfra, X.; Meyhöfer, R.; Reim, S.; Schmitz, M.; Vetterlein, D.; Wrede, A.; Zühlke, S.; Grunewaldt, J.; Weiß, S.; Schloter, M. (2019): Apple Replant Disease: Causes and Mitigation Strategies. Current issues in molecular biology 30: 89-106.

Wolters, B.; Fornefeld, E.; Jechalke, S.; Su, J.-Q.; Zhu, Y.-G.; Sørensen, S.J.; Smalla, K.; Jacquiod, S. (2019): Soil amendment with sewage sludge affects soil prokaryotic community composition, mobilome and resistome. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 95: fiy193.

Contributions to edited volumes

Ganther, M.; Ibrahim, Z.; Yim, B.; Lippold, E.; Vetterlein, D.; Blagodatskaya, E.; Smalla, K.; Tarkka, M. (2019): Effects of X-ray computed tomography on root transcriptome and rhizosphere microbiota. : Botanikertagung, International Plant Science Conference 2019, Rostock 15.-19. September : Programme, 152.

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