Publications in peer-reviewed papers

Elsayed, T.R.; Jacquiod, S.; Nour, E.H.; Sørensen, S.J.; Smalla, K. (2020): Biocontrol of Bacterial Wilt Disease Through Complex Interaction Between Tomato Plant, Antagonists, the Indigenous Rhizosphere Microbiota, and Ralstonia solanacearum. Frontiers in microbiology 10.

Reid, C.J.; Blau, K.; Jechalke, S.; Smalla, K.; Djordjevic, S.P. (2020): Whole Genome Sequencing of Escherichia coli From Store-Bought Produce. Frontiers in microbiology 10: Art.-No. 3050.

Schierstaedt, J.; Jechalke, S.; Nesme, J.; Neuhaus, K.; Sørensen, S.J.; Grosch, R.; Smalla, K.; Schikora, A. (2020): Salmonella persistence in soil depends on reciprocal interactions with indigenous microorganisms. Environmental microbiology : 14 Seiten.

Werner, J.; Nour, E.; Bunk, B.; Spröer, C.; Smalla, K.; Springael, D.; Öztürk, B. (2020): PromA Plasmids Are Instrumental in the Dissemination of Linuron Catabolic Genes Between Different Genera. Frontiers in microbiology 11: Art.-No. 149.

Zethof, J.H.T.; Bettermann, A.; Vogel, C.; Babin, D.; Cammeraat, E.L.H.; Solé-Benet, A.; Lázaro, R.; Luna, L.; Nesme, J.; Woche, S.K.; Sørensen, S.J.; Smalla, K.; Kalbitz, K. (2020): Prokaryotic Community Composition and Extracellular Polymeric Substances Affect Soil Microaggregation in Carbonate Containing Semiarid Grasslands. Frontiers in Environmental Science .

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