Publications in peer-reviewed papers

Dietzsch, A. C.; Jütte, T. (2020): Non-Apis bees as model organisms in laboratory, semi-field and field experiments. Journal für Kulturpflanzen 72(5): 162-172.


Alberoni, D.; Alix, A; Dicks, L.; Dietzsch, A.C.; Krahner, A.; Kroder, S.; Leonhardt, S.D.; Mommaerts, V.; Mukherjee, N.; Pettis, J.; Delso, N.S.; Sançana, A.; Vanbergen, A.J.; Vasileiadis, V.P.; van der Kooi, C.J.; Villa, S.; Whitehorn, P.R.; Wood, T.; Woodcock, B. (2020): What do we currently know about the impacts of pesticide and fertiliser use in farmland on the effectiveness of adjacent pollinator conservation measures such as flower strips and hedgerows, and what additional research is needed? : an EKLIPSE Expert Working Group report. . Wallingford, United Kingdom, 53 Seiten

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