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Nordmeyer, H.; Ulber, L. (Hrsg.) (2020): Tagungsband 29. Deutsche Arbeitsbesprechung über Fragen der Unkrautbiologie und - bekämpfung, 3. - 5. März 2020, Braunschweig. (Julius-Kühn-Archiv 464). Braunschweig, .

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Antier, C.; Kudsk, P.; Reboud, X.; Ulber, L.; Baret, P. V.; Messean, A. (2020): Glyphosate use in the European agricultural sector and a framework for its further monitoring. Sustainability 12(Art.: 5682): 22 S..

Arpaia, S.; Christiaens, O.; Giddings, K.; Jones, H.; Mezzetti, B.; Moronta-Barrios, F.; Perry, J. N.; Sweet, J. B.; Taning, C. N. T.; Smagghe, G.; Dietz-Pfeilstetter, A. (2020): Biosafety of GM crop plants expressing dsRNA: Data requirements and EU regulatory considerations. Frontiers in Plant Science 11(Art. 940): 13 S..

Awater-Salendo, S.; Schulz, H.; Hilker, M.; Fürstenau, B. (2020): The Importance of Methyl-Branched Cuticular Hydrocarbons for Successful Host Recognition by the Larval Ectoparasitoid Holepyris sylvanidis. Journal of Chemical Ecology .

Bachmann, M.; Glatter, M.; Bochnia, M.; Wensch-Dorendorf, M.; Greef, J.M.; Breves, G.; Zeyner, A. (2020): In Vitro Gas Production from Batch Cultures of Stomach and Hindgut Digesta of Horses Adapted to a Prebiotic Dose of Fructooligosaccharides and Inulin. Journal of equine veterinary science 90: Art.-No. 103020.

Bachmann, M.; Kuhnitzsch, C.; Michel, S.; Thierbach, A.; Bochnia, M.; Greef, J.M.; Martens, S.D.; Steinhöfel, O.; Zeyner, A. (2020): Effect of toasting grain silages from field peas (Pisum sativum) and field beans (Viciafaba) on in vitro gas production, methane production, and post-ruminal crude proteincontent. Animal Nutrition .

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